How to make an organisation climate neutral

Roland is Managing Partner of FutureCamp. He works on climate and energy since 25 years. Within his contribution he will give us an insight on how organisations, especially corporates become climate neutral. He will focus on the „analog world“ first: on actual developments in the EU and Germany and especially on carbon pricing. Activities within energy intensive industries faced with huge challenges and service sectors increasingly reflect this. This includes hints on data and data management needed – from the view of corporates covered by a lot of regulation that changes very dynamically. In parallel, technological changes are on the way and start to become visible – in sectors such as steel, chemicals, building materials and so on with innovation cycles far longer than those in the digital sphere. To deal with this and a growing ambition of society, politicians and customers is not easy – many things to discuss in the panel thereafter on which role the digital sphere might play on sustainability and especially „carbon management“.

Kelsey Hightower
Distinguished Engineer at Google Cloud
Sanjin Bićanić
Expert Partner at Bain & Company focusing on Advanced Analytics
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