Panel discussion: Integrating Sustainability in the Digital Sphere

2022 at the Sunday opening of QED we learned. A) Where to find solid scientific information about the state and future scenarios of global climate change (IPCC) – and B) how critical determined and bold action has become. And we discussed C) what each of us at the conference can do as consumer, traveler, citizen, friends, colleagues, parents and in our roles in our organizations could/should do. This year at QED 2023 in the talk preceding this panel Dr. Roland Geres from Future Camp Climate has shown us how businesses large and small can progress successfully on a measurable path to climate neutrality.  

In this panel Roland joins Prof. Nina Begičević Ređep from the University of Zagreb, Vjekoslav Jadrešić from CROZ Zagreb and Joachim Gucker from CROZ in Munich to discuss about sustainability in the context of the digital sphere. Following the mindset of the UN goals for sustainable development we’ll look at Environmental, Social and Governance aspects of sustainability. 

Kelsey Hightower
Distinguished Engineer at Google Cloud
Enkelejd Zotaj
CIO and Deputy Chairman of the Board at Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine
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