Rosalind Radcliffe IBM Mainframe veteran and z expert

Speaker – Rosalind Radcliffe

Rosalind is THE industry veteran when it comes to all things IBM related.

Throughout her career spanning over 3 decades she has seen it all and that’s why we’re so proud to announce her as a speaker at QED 2024.

Starting off as an ambitious student, her interest was piqued way back in school when she gained access to an IBM Mainframe, she recalls one of her earliest projects being a Space Invader clone created on a (bonus points for anyone that even knows what this is) teletype machine.

Many consider Rosalind to be an encyclopedia in human form when it comes to IBM Z, with more knowledge forgotten than most have learned she can certainly walk the walk and talk the talk.

As an IBM Fellow currently working as CIO DevSecOps CTO, Rosalind gladly shares her knowledge and experience so make sure you join us at QED 2024 to hear her talk.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of the next QED!

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