QED 2024
QED 2024 Playground


Over the past 15 years, we have collaborated with numerous distinguished speakers to share their experiences and network with you in a relaxed and unique atmosphere. For the 16th edition we have gathered all the knowledge gained so far to give you the opportunity to hear selected experts' insights and stories.

Sam Newman


Sara Glojnarić



Rosalind Radcliffe

IBM Fellow, CIO DevSecOps CTO

Michal Oshman

Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author

Max Griffiths

Leader of Infrastructure and Platform Engineering for Thoughtworks Europe


Sascha Schärich

Lead DevOps Evangelist Deutsche Telekom IT

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Gordana Breyer

Management Board member Nexi Croatia/Slovenia


Mareike Hoffmann

Head of the Community of Practice UXR at DATEV

Octopus Deploy

Paul Stovell

Founder and CEO of Octopus Deploy

Octopus Deploy

Jed Lehmann

Senior Design Manager

Octopus Deploy

Ships Mahindra

Principal Product Manager

Octopus Deploy

Colin Bowern

SVP Product at Octopus Deploy

Dalibor Kovačević

Executive Director of IT at RBA

Tvoj Domagoj

Karlo Stojčević

Founding Partner at Tvoj Domagoj

Michael Heiß

Change Agent & IT-Architect focused on Digital Transformation journeys


Dr. Jonas Rende

Lead UX/CX Technologies at DATEV

Ivan Dell’Orco

President of the Management Board, Marikomerc

Josip Dean

Head of Digital Customer Engagement

Francisco Javier López Grüber

Senior Ecosystem Solution Architect at Red Hat

August Johnson

Strategy Manager at Scania Group

Paul Zubin Thomas

Lead Data mesh Architect at Scania Group

Tarzíciusz Pál Simon

Solutions Engineer at Cloudera

Tomasz Joniak

Sales Engineer at Delinea

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Vedrana Miholić

Director of International Business at CROZ | Managing Director CROZ DACH

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Joachim Gucker

Managing Director/Geschäftsführer and IT Architect at CROZ DACH

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Peter Blenninger 

Co-Founder and MD of CROZ DACH

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Giulia Solinas

Data scientist and AI consultant at CROZ DACH

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Christian Bachmann


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Vjekoslav Jadrešić


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Ivan Krnić

CROZ Director of Engineering and 0800-DEVOPS Newsletter Editor-in-Chief

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Krešimir Musa


Croz logo

Marija Roždijevac

Business analyst and Product owner at CROZ

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Tihana Horvat

Business Analyst and Test Team Lead at CROZ

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Marija Kulišić

Business Analyst at CROZ

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Damir Kopljar

Head of AI at CROZ AI

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Luka Gauta

Head of Product Management at CROZ | Creative Director at CROZ Studio

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Luka Stepinac

Data Engineering Services Manager at CROZ

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Davor Čengija

Head of Service and Product Innovation at CROZ

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Miroslav Čerkez

Software Architect at CROZ

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Igor Sokač

Project Manager at CROZ

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Hrvoje Šimić

Senior software development consultant at CROZ

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Denis Jajčević

Team Lead & Senior DevOps Engineer at CROZ

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Mate Bogović

Engineering Manager at CROZ

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Dino Šimićev

Software engineer at CROZ

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Dino Jurina

Team Lead & Senior DevOps Engineer at CROZ

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Josip Kuštan

UX/UI Designer