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Dino Jurina

Team Lead & Senior DevOps Engineer at CROZ

Meet Dino Jurina, an experienced Engineering Manager and DevOps Engineer with a proven track record of driving efficiency and cultivating team satisfaction. Currently serving at CROZ, Dino’s primary focus is on leveraging cutting-edge technological solutions to streamline workflow processes and enhance the overall performance of their team. With a specialized expertise in cloud computing, Dino has honed their skills in automating and optimizing cloud-based systems, with a particular emphasis on AWS and OpenShift. Their innovative approach to problem-solving and collaborative leadership style have earned them a reputation as a sought-after leader in the tech industry. Whether it’s cultivating team morale or driving technological innovation, Dino is dedicated to delivering results that exceed expectations.

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Dino Jurina

Unlocking Cloud Potential: Strategies for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

In this talk, we will explore transformative cloud strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises. This talk will feature a case study of Marikomerc, detailing their journey from initial discovery sessions through developing a...