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Envision yourself at QED 20/20 Conference!

Vision 20/20

We have been talking about many important topics in past couple of QED’s like FAILURE, CREATIVITY, TRUST, HARMONY – so it has been easy to pick the next one! We hope with everything we learned so far, we will be able to have clearer picture of what coming next!

Popular phrase says Hindsight is 20/20.

Meaning it is easy to have a clear picture after the battle is already finished. But understanding and being able to see how we should set things up in the future is something completely different.

At the next QED Conference want to try to envision future of enterprise IT systems! That’s impossible, we know that, of course. But still, let’s spend some time discussing it. How do we dance around the hype cycles of emerging tech? Can our organizations and cultures remain coherent, while doing the dance?

We hope we have peaked your curiosity to attend the QED 2020 Conference. Save the date and join us in Split, May 24-26, 2020


CROZ  is an IT consultancy based in Zagreb, Croatia. We are oriented at finance and public sector, as well as other enterprise environments. Our services include turn-key projects or professional services including education, consulting and implementation of the technology. Main areas of our expertise are: integrations, Cloud Native and DevOps and Data Engineering. CROZ’s team counts more than 200 employees located in Zagreb, Amsterdam, Belgrade and Austin, Texas. We are diverse and cross-functional, with brilliant software engineers, architects, testers, analysts and infrastructure experts.

CROZ  has organized the Quality in Enterprise Development (QED) conference from 2007.  Take a look how we were experimenting at last QED conference.

For further information regarding the Quality in Enterprise Development Conference, please contact us at qed@croz.net.

Conference is supported by PMI Croatia association.

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