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May 05 - 07, 2024

Zadar, 5* Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera



QED2024 is a biz-tech conference where tech, business leaders and industry experts meet to learn, connect and have fun.

Another QED is on the horizon!

Another QED is on the horizon, bringing together tech and business leaders, as well as many biztech experts eager to share their knowledge and experiences with you. What makes QED2024 truly special is that it marks our 16th gathering! This year, our theme is about playground. We were inspired by your support and the incredible community we’ve built together.

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There’s no professional (and personal) growth without learning. QED’s speakers will share their knowledge and experience with you and all you have to do is absorb – and ask! We really appreciate a good discussion.


Use the opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues and experts. Join productive discussions, meet other people with similar challenges and share your thoughts. Who knows where a new acquaintance can take you?

Have fun

As Gatsby once said – A little party never killed nobody, right? Complete your experience with fun and sports activities!

QED Hall of Fame

Some of our past speakers who shared their insights and experience with us.

Sam Newman

Sam Newman is a technologist focusing on the areas of cloud, microservices, and continuous delivery—three topics which seem to overlap frequently. He provides consulting, training, and advisory...


Niklas Modig

Author, inspirational speaker & researcher

kin insurance logo

Heidi Helfand

VP of Engineering at Kin Insurance

Jürgen Appelo

Author, speaker, and entrepreneur

Kelsey Hightower

Distinguished Engineer at Google Cloud


John Cohn

IBM Fellow Emeritus - MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab at IBM

Enkelejd Zotaj

CIO and Deputy Chairman of the Board at Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine


Zadar, 5* Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera

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Joining us for QED 2024 is Michal Oshman. A master of words and workplace improvement, she's sure to give you the inspiration that you'll need....
Join Sascha at QED, as he'll be bringing his DevOps A-game and sharing his wealth of experience with us....
A visionary composer, Sara Glojnarić will be taking the stage at QED 2024....

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Featured Sessions

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QED 2024 Conference Closing

Keynote talk

Sam Newman


Panel discussion: Market as an indicator for value

Understanding the impact of market dynamics on value creation across various industries is essential for any organization striving to stay competitive. In this panel discussion, our esteemed guests will share their perspectives...


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