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Krešimir Musa


Krešimir Musa is currently responsible for technology strategy and consulting services in CROZ. He has been working in software development, project and product management, and consulting services for more than 20 years. His background includes experience in different roles in software development projects (software developer, software architect, project manager, project director, agile coach,…), as well as leadership, organizational change, and process optimization. Over the years he collaborated with various clients and partners in different business domains – mostly government, financial and telco.

Throughout his career in CROZ, he takes part in building and sustaining a professional IT services organization, and has been part of its leadership, supporting the growth from 20 to more than 200 people. The professional IT services organization in CROZ provides services for enterprise customers both locally and internationally (CEE region, UK, Germany, Middle East,…), and is constantly evolving its services portfolio (software development and architecture, complex integrations, cloud-native, microservices, DevOps, methods and process consulting and coaching, lean & agile, testing, IBM and RedHat software and platforms, IBM mainframe…).
His current focus is on building and expanding consulting services offering in CROZ, mostly related to digital platforms (Cloud Native, DevOps, AI, MLOps, API management strategy, Lean & Agile).

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