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Hrvoje Šimić

Senior software development consultant at CROZ

Hrvoje is a software engineer, consultant, architect, and educator with over 25 years of experience in industry and academia. He has consulted or lead a wide range of software development and research projects, serving clients from various sectors and countries. Recently, he has focused on the application of generative AI technologies in wide variety of human endeavours, from sales to music.

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Hrvoje Šimić

Art and Tech: Exploring function and emotion

AI has these two worlds riled up and to combat the concerns we need to learn about them.
This will be a light talk about a complex topic, where we might not give...

R2-D2 or Bender? AI assistants in business

Virtual assistants are the stuff of kid dreams and sci-fi movies that are not-so-slowly becoming the business reality of today. What can we expect from them? What is still beyond their reach?...