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DevOps Practices Are Easy, Changing the Culture is the Tricky Part!

Along with the usual problems of an enterprise transformation like siloed teams, legacy applications and complicated architecture one hurdle repeatedly appeared in the last few years during our DevOps journey: We had to change our culture and implement a DevOps Mindset on all levels of the organisation.

To accomplish this we have implemented different teams and products, of course continuously improving and adapting over time.

As Telekom IT we develop and operate the software and applications that made Deutsche Telekom the most valuable European brand, but we do this with a lot of legacy, with a German company culture that is inherently afraid of change, accompanied with a necessary large initiative of up- and reskilling, all while dealing with a large geopolitical crisis affecting a significant part of our workforce. So changing our culture is a big task!

In my session I would like to share which different teams (DevOps SPOCs, DevOps Culture Coaching and the DevOps Expert Council) we have implemented over the last two years and their accompanying products like the DevOps Health Radar or the DevOps Maturity Score, which tackle different levels in our organisation and give us an insight on the progress of our cultural transformation.

I believe that our approach of setting up teams that bridge the gap between technological and cultural change is unique and other enterprises could learn from our experiences.

Sascha Schärich
Sascha Schärich
Lead DevOps Evangelist Deutsche Telekom IT
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