QED 2024
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Privilege Control with New Delinea Platform

Delinea Platform takes control of privileges/server/access while keeping everything seamless.

See how the latest updates to Delinea will help you extend Privileged Access Management across infrastructures. You’ll reduce reliance on legacy systems and save your team valuable time by increasing compliance and reducing risk.

In a single interface, you can consistently manage all types of permissions, privilege configurations, and relationships, instead of switching screens and getting lost in identity forests.

Now, you can access a secure PAM vault and advanced Server Windows/Linux capabilities such as remote access control, adaptive authorization, and activity monitoring.

Join us for a tour of the newest Privilege Control capabilities and a discussion of how to use this next-generation solution to solve your Privilege Elevation challenges.

Tomasz Joniak
Tomasz Joniak
Sales Engineer at Delinea
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