QED 2024
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Trust by Design: Building a Responsible AI Future for Finance

In this talk, we explore the critical role of governance and compliance in building trustworthy AI applications within the financial sector. As banking and insurance navigate strict regulations like DORA and the forthcoming EU AI Act, ensuring responsible AI development and adhering to legal frameworks is crucial.
We touch upon monitoring and tracking high-risk AI use cases in finance, such as claims processing, credit scoring, and premium calculations. We analyze the core features of this evolving regulatory landscape that significantly impacts how we design and implement governance frameworks for AI applications.
Moving beyond regulations, we equip stakeholders with practical tools and strategies. We showcase examples that can help you navigate compliance requirements and build robust AI applications within the financial industry. Our talk will empower you to harness the power of AI for financial inclusion, improved risk management, and a more secure and trustworthy financial ecosystem for all.

Peter blenninger
Peter Blenninger 
Co-Founder and MD of CROZ DACH
Giulia Solinas
Data scientist and AI consultant at CROZ DACH
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