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Colin Bowern

SVP Product at Octopus Deploy

Colin is the SVP Product at Octopus Deploy where he supports 130+ R&D folks across Australia/New Zealand, and EMEA regions. He is a passionate technical leader interested in product, delivery, and engineering of modern apps and services. His career spans industries (music, financial, public sector, and technology) and stages (start-up through to multi-national organizations) with companies like Microsoft, Johnson Controls, Brink’s, Orion Health, and officialCOMMUNITY. He is passionate about growing product people through his work with the Product Aotearoa community in Aotearoa New Zealand

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Colin Bowern

Empowering Ordinary People to Deliver Extraordinary Results

Smart people alone won’t guarantee impactful results. As leaders, you have a critical role in creating the conditions that empower your team. Do it well, and they will explore and extract value...