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Josip Dean

Head of Digital Customer Engagement

Josip brings extensive expertisein customer experience management, customer relationship, and customer engagement, amassed over two decades of impactful work in the FMCG, banking, and telecommunications sectors. Over the course of his career, he has undoubtedly cultivated a deep understanding of customer needs and preferences across various industries, coupled with adeptness in devising strategies and initiatives to elevate customer experience and foster heightened engagement. Lately, his focus has been on pioneering advancements in digital customer experiences, adopting cutting-edge paradigms like omnichannel engagement and hyper-relevance, ensuring unparalleled connectivity and resonance with the customer base.

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Josip Dean

Empowering organizations with Data Contracts: A Path to Incremental Data Governance

While the concept of data governance has roots dating back several decades, until recently it has been considered a passive, bureaucratic,internal control-oriented initiative with zero-to-small business value footprint. Driven by growing volume...