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Luka Stepinac

Data Engineering Services Manager at CROZ

All things Data. From the beginning of his 20+ years career, involved in all kinds of projects focused on (meta)data, from the design of relational databases, to data warehouses, data lakes and BI systems, in Finance, Telco, Retail and Government industries. Holding CBIP certification from TDWI. Responsible for CROZ internal BI system, which helps CROZ organization to monitor its daily operations as well as uncover insights and trends for better decision making. Currently leading the CROZ Data Engineering team and consulting clients in the field of modern Operational Data Governance, with focus on Data Ownership and Data Contracts.

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Luka Stepinac

Empowering organizations with Data Contracts: A Path to Incremental Data Governance

While the concept of data governance has roots dating back several decades, until recently it has been considered a passive, bureaucratic,internal control-oriented initiative with zero-to-small business value footprint. Driven by growing volume...