QED 2024
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Mareike Hoffmann

Head of the Community of Practice UXR at DATEV

For the past two years, Mareike has been bridging the gap between UX research and data science. In her role as head of the Community of Practice User Experience Research, she not only has a deep understanding of the needs of researchers, but is also well connected to the more than 100 UX/CX professionals at DATEV. Mareike identifies opportunities for automation and implements machine learning methods to improve processes.

With a background in Psychology (BSc.) and Computing in the Humanities (MSc.), Mareike brings a unique blend of skills to her work. Prior to joining DATEV, she worked as a psychologist specialising in professional reintegration and contributed to the field of UX research. Her current role is to capture real-time customer feedback and integrate it into all stages of product development. Mareike is passionate about driving the intersection between UX research and data science to create the best possible user experience through innovation and engagement.

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Mareike Hoffmann

Customer feedback summarization using GenAI

In their talk, Jonas and Mareike share their experiences with text summarization of customer feedback using LLMs. They begin by explaining the unique DATEV settings, then proceed to present how their text...