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Michael Heiß

Change Agent & IT-Architect focused on Digital Transformation journeys

Michael Heiß is a well-experienced advisor, coach, facilitator, author and content creatorspecializing in digital transformation journeys and sociotechnical architecture of enterprises. He has over 15 years of experience in software engineering and enjoys his role as a translator between business and IT people in order to close the gap between both worlds.

Michael’s holistic skillset includes Agile Product Management Methodology, Value Stream Management, DevOps, Software Architecture and Cloud Platforms.
His mission includes presenting a 360-degree angle on digital transformation aspects and the definition of strategic measures and experiments that have an impact on the business outcome, people, culture, technology, software architecture and organizational structure.

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Michael Heiß

Panel discussion: Mindset of a modern software developer

What does it take to continuously adapt, innovate and deliver, all while living in the age of groundbreaking change? Opening up a conversation about challenges and opportunities sounds like a good start!...