Sara Glojnarić Composer and Artist talking at QED 2024.

Speaker – Sara Glojnarić

If you’re not already familiar with Sara Glojnarić, then we’re here to make sure it rings a bell.

A composer that’s no stranger to the concept of play, her career started by studying composition at the Academy of Music in Zagreb. Later earning her Bachelor’s and Master’s in composition in Stuttgart, she marches to the beat of her own drum while also staying at the forefront of innovation and creativity.

Sara’s extensive body of work encompasses many different mediums, with opera and orchestral compositions taking center stage, she’s also known for her multi-sensory installations and immersive multimedia.

A true visionary that was coincidentally born on David Bowie’s birthday, Sara’s shine has been recognized time and time again. Garnering a multitude awards and accolades like the Ernst von Siemens, Porin and many others, her crowning achievement is hard to pinpoint.

Since striking a chord is something Sara’s familiar with, we’re sure to be all ears for her at QED 2024.

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