QED 2024
Playground Dots
Speaker - Marija Kulišić

Panel Moderator – Marija Kulišić

A debater that’s represented Croatia on an international level (and won), Marija’s communication skills are, pretty much, second to none.

Even throughout her studies at FER, Marija knew what she wanted. Unlike many of her peers, she decided to steer a bit away from tinkering with programming and turned towards the analytical side of things.

Marija joined us back in 2020 through our summer internship programme and immediately wowed us. Soon after finishing her internship she became a permanent part of the Business Analysis team and even acted as a mentor to other interns.

When she’s not running the business side of things, she’s more than likely enjoying her free time by surrounding herself in nature and hanging out with her dog „Vele“.

Marija will join Sam Newman and Paul Stovell as a moderator for a panel discussion on the mindset of a modern software developer.

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