QED 2024
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Hrvoje Šimić will be a featued speaker on two different panels at QED 2024.

Speaker – Hrvoje Šimić

With over 25 years of experience spanning both industry and academia, Hrvoje brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project he undertakes

He graduated from Zagreb’s Faculty of Engineering and Computing quite a while ago and immediately got into the thick of it. Hrvoje is not just a practitioner; he’s also a dedicated educator. His extensive experience translates into a unique ability to share his knowledge and ignite a passion for software development in others.

Hrvoje is also a man that wears many different hats, while his main field is software developing, he’s also gained quite a bit of experience when it comes to architecting complex systems and consulting for large-scale projects and companies.

Recently, Hrvoje has turned his attention towards the application of generative AI in a wide variety of industries, ranging from music to sales. He’ll be featured on two different talks at QED 2024 – „Art and Tech: Exploring function and emotion“ & „R2-D2 or Bender? AI assistants in business“.

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