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Panel discussion: Platform playground

As the years spent in the industry, especially in IT, accumulate, one thing often amuses a person: the attempt to guess which concepts and technologies will become trends.

At times, the pace of change can be staggering, as we’ve recently seen with the rapid ascent of AI.

But often, or almost regularly, when you think a concept will not win over a broad audience, it aims to conquer it.

Platform engineering has existed since the early 2010s. If most people search their computers for “platform engineering,” I am sure they will find a bunch of presentations, articles, or documents. Yet, here it is, only recently jumping over all the chasms.

 Gartner predicts that by 2026, over 80% of organizations will arrange their IT so that operational platforms will help teams deliver services to customers more efficiently and, more importantly, benefit end clients better. At the panel, we have gathered people who are trailblazers of platform engineering and those whose primary concern is ensuring clients receive the mentioned services. We will surely get the correct answers to what awaits us in the coming years and which main pitfalls should be spotted so that  2026  becomes a reality.

Max Griffiths
Leader of Infrastructure and Platform Engineering for Thoughtworks Europe
Sascha Schärich
Sascha Schärich
Lead DevOps Evangelist Deutsche Telekom IT
Dalibor Kovačević
Executive Director of IT at RBA
Vedrana Miholic
Vedrana Miholić
Director of International Business at CROZ | Managing Director CROZ DACH
Krešimir Musa
Krešimir Musa
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