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Michal Oshman

Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author

Michal Oshman is an accomplished executive with an extensive background spanning over 25 years in technology, finance, and advertising. She has played pivotal roles in shaping corporate culture and leadership globalls at industry giants including TikTok and Meta. With a deep-rooted passion for organizational behavior and workplace dynamics, Michal integrates principles of spirituality and leadership to cultivate environments of compassion and innovation.

As the bestselling author of “What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?” and a respected TEDx speaker, Michal shares insights on corporate culture, business growth, and professional development. Her personal narrative, enriched by her experiences as a mother of four, shapes her commitment to continuous learning and her ability to drive success and well-being within high-performing organizations.

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Michal Oshman

Playground Courage – Choosing Action Over Fear

Join Michal Oshman for her session ‘Playground Courage: Action over Fear’ to develop a deeper understanding of how to bring your authentic self into your leadership role, find the courage within yourself...